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Ian Vecmanis

I'm Available To Hire To Increase Your Online Marketing Revenue

For 40 months I've been in the front line trenches of a hyper competitive online business (as Creative Director) and quietly designed and improved sales processes that now earn over $2,000,000 a month in revenue.

This helped create one the fastest growing private tech companies in Canada(rock solid references from the owners available).

Here are samples of what I've done (and could do for you).

Generate LOTS of leads cost effectively

I am an experienced advertising writer.

Educated as a computer engineer.

And a competent direct marketing strategist.

I get online sales procesess. I know how to create and measure them. And if we can measure it, I have the ad writing and design skills to improve it.

For instance:

It's extremely hard to find someone who gets technology and knows how to use it to spread persuasive business communications they wrote.

I'm that guy – and I can coordinate technical and creative teams to produce profit.

Here's a few examples:

Anyhow, there's a sample of what I can do. Plus, you'll find people I've worked with will tell you I'm a laid back guy with a sharp sense of humor. Meaning, I'm not only useful, I'm fun to have around.

If I were to work for you, do you think there is a good chance I can help you make more money or free up YOUR time?

That being said. Here's who I'll work with.

Do you think I might be a good fit with your plans?

If so, reach out to me at the email address below before I'm snapped up – I can't work for everyone.

Use the subject line 'Ian Vecmanis Dot Com" to get my attention.

Email me here IanRVecmanis @ gmail.com

Let me know your name, what you do, what you think I might be able to help with and I'll get back to you promptly. If I'm interested, we can dig further into what you want, and how I might be able to help you get it.